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Tranquilpathways Travel was established in 2005 in Orlando, Florida, where travel enthusiatst bask in the Florida Sunshine. The owner, a lover of culture, adventure and once of a kind experiences saw a gap in the travel industry and make a concisous effort to merge client wishes with her past leisure travel finds. Initially small family trips were the focus but soon Tranquilpathways Travel became the on demand travel agency for many. Since its inception, Tranquilpathways Travel's reach has broaden to all across the world and travellers have visited Africa, Dubai, Sri Lanka , Panama and many more dream destination. The future explorations are exciting and we encourage you to visit our page often to stay updated on Our Trips as well as consider us when you are considering planning a future group trip.

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“The whole trip went

perfectly , you totally hit it just righ for us!”



- James W. -

“Our honeymoon was
magical, Thanks to Tranquilpathways Travel exquisite planning.”


Mr. & Mrs. Jackson 

“Thanks Tranquilpathways Travel !

We loved every second & would go back Dubai in a heartbeat.”


- Latrelle  -

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